TRX Training

Corvallis, Portland Oregon Areas

The TRX Suspension Training core concepts were initiated by a Navy SEAL while on tour in Afghanistan approximately ten years ago.TRX suspension training introduces a series of exercises targeting the following areas: flexibility, balance, co-ordination, strength, and cardio. TRX strengthens, balances and increases flexibility as a result of working in all three planes of motion - the sagittal, frontal and transverse planes.


TRX and Rip Training Is Convenient

TRX Training programs require minimal space and exercise equipment, making the workouts portable and convenient no matter where you are.

The training bundles cover a broad spectrum of recreational and everyday activities so you can find the one that caters specifically to your own interests. If you are interested in purchasing a TRX training program, click the button above and browse the variety of TRX Training Bundles to find the one for you.

Schedule a TRX or RIP training with Lynn Foutch,certified instructor of TRX and RIP training, today to enhance your courageousness, acceptance and peace by contacting us via email or telephone.

Note: Travel expenses for TRX training will be charged for services outside of the Corvallis, OR area; please make sure to ask about these charges.