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Egoscue Method

Effective postural alignment, the Egoscue method and “e-cise” program is used to help you treat and heal musculoskeletal pain without drugs, surgery or manipulation.

TRX Suspension Training

Founded by a Navy Seal while on tour in Afghanistan approximately ten years ago. TRX suspension training is a form of physical movements targeting the following areas: flexibility, balance, co-ordination, strength, optimal levels of cardio fitness and a potential feeling of autonomy and accomplishment of mind and body.

Mineral Cell Salt Therapy

Dr. Schleusser's work informs us that 12 minerals (tissue cell salts) are essential to our body's functions. They include calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and silica that work at the cellular level. We offer Active Elements® Mineral Cell Salt therapy.  You can search symptoms and listen to videos about each of the mineral cell salts.

Fees for Services 

Postural Alignment

Certified Postural Alignment Specialist and Instructor with the Egoscue® University 

Assessment/eCise Plan $175.00
60 min. Session $125.00
Re-Assessment/eCise Plan $125.00





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TRX/RIP Training

30 min. Session $30.00
60 min. Session $60.00
Group 60 min. Session $30.00
TRX Bundle (8 Sessions)  $360.00





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Mineral Cell Salt Therapy

Evaluation/assessment 20 min.  $20.00
Follow up evaluations 20 min. $20.00




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Buy TRX Training here are created by the navy seal inventor from Symbols of Healing

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