Lynn Foutch

Integrative HealthSource

Are you seeking effective alternative methods for optimum well-being and health?

So was I.

Several years ago, I worked in hospital environments where I cared for people who suffered from life-threatening conditions. After completing my B.S. degree in Health Education, I wanted to expand my knowledge of health and healing by studying alternative, holistic, and effective health care therapies.

After many years of study and training, I became a certified practitioner and consultant to help you, my clients, become healthier and happier with proven holistic therapies and approaches to life:  Egoscue (An effective postural alignment method), Active Elements® (Cell Salt/Mineral therapy), and training for the Presence Process.  

My mission is to educate and assist you in leading a healthful, joyful, and spirited life through natural healing therapies. My clients have been successful and empowered in managing their health.

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