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Raw Baobab Fruit Powder


Product Information

  • A new exotic ingredient fruit powder with a unique tangy taste that can be mixed in yogurt, smoothies, water, juice, or oatmeal.
  • #1 Superfruit in the world.
  • Exceptionally rich in antioxidants, fiber and essential vitamins and minerals
  • Ethically and sustainably produced
{Gluten Free, Vegan, Non GMO, Certified Organic}

What is Baobab Fruit Powder?

Baobab Fruit Powder is a high-nutrition, raw, whole food that dehydrates naturally inside the fruits of the baobab tree (Adansonia digitata). The fruit is simply separated from the seeds and sieved before packing. Baobab is not pasteurized, heat extracted, freeze dried or concentrated like so many other fruits. No nutrients are lost and the powder remains whole and unprocessed.

What are Baobab's Reported Key Nutritional Properties?

Antioxidants: {8x Acai Berries}
With an ORAC value of more than 140,000/100g, Mineralife Baobab Fruit Powder has an antioxidant level more than eight times that of Acai fruit pulp and Goji berries and more than ten times that of cranberries, blueberries and pomegranates.

Potassium: { 6 x Banana }
Our baobab fruit powder contains 2120mg/100g of potassium. That is almost six times higher than bananas, frequently recommended by nutritionists for its potassium content. Potassium is important for many aspects of health including the nervous system and muscle function. Since potassium loss can occur through sweating, baobab’s high potassium content may be of particular interest to makers of sports and fitness products.
Calcium: {2.5 x milk}
Our baobab fruit powder contains over 365mg/100g of calcium, vital for building and maintaining healthy bones. That means baobab contains 2.5 X more calcium than milk and may make it the richest- known plant source of this mineral.
Dietary Fiber: {5x Oats}
Adequate levels of dietary fiber can help maintain a healthy digestive tract as well as lower inflammation. Baobab contains over 50% total dietary fiber- higher than all “super fruits.” The total fiber is split into 75% soluble fiber and 25% insoluble fiber. Pectin is one source of fiber in baobab and has been reported to have a role in reducing total and LDL cholesterol. Pectin is also said to enhance the pre-biotic bacteria in the large intestine, potentially improving overall gut health. Baobab is reported to have pectin content of about 25g pr 100g of fruit, which may have a role in formulations as a gelling, thickening agent or stabilizer.
Vitamin C {4 x Oranges}
Vitamin C plays an important role in protecting cells and keeping them healthy. Mineralife Baobab fruit powder contains more vitamin C than many well known fruits, including oranges, kiwi, strawberry and grapefruit.
Magnesium and Iron: {2x Spinach}
Recent surveys have found that many of us- including a majority of women- do not consume enough iron. Our Baobab Fruit Powder is a rich source of iron containing 3.6mg/100g- more than many other foods traditionally recommended for their iron content such as red meat, spinach and lentils. At 144.5mg/g, our Baobab Fruit Powder is a rich natural source of magnesium, a mineral that has been linked to bone health, heart health and lowering of High Blood Pressure.
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