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*48 Day Supply*

An advanced aqueous form of Germanium Ions (IsoIonic™)** in clear solution for quicker absorption than tablets or capsules which must first dissolve in the digestive system before being absorbed. Patented, clinically tested professional grade CHD-Fulvic Acid has been added to further increase absorption and enhance overall well-being as fulvic acid has natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification properties.

Concentration: 50 PPM or mg/L


Germanium Helps to Support:

  • Healthy airways and breathing*

  • Mental health*


  • Healthy cellular replication (of the breast, lung, larynx, and bladder)*

  • Liver health*

  • Healthy and normal blood pressure*

  • Healthy uterus*

  • Healthy sinuses*

  • Healthy brain tissue*

  • Healthy blood glucose levels*

  • Cardiovascular health*




How Germanium Promotes Well Being

  • Germanium strengthens the immune system by stimulating the production of killer cells.*

  • Germanium is a powerful antioxidant that can reduce aging caused by damage-inflicting free radicals.*

  • Germanium promotes the removal of toxins and wastes.*

  • Germanium improves oxygenation of the cells providing more energy and less pain.*

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