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Alkalizer 2floz Professional Grade Ionic Mineral Concentrate


Maintain Your Body's pH Balance for Better Health 

It is well-known that an alkalized body is more healthy, energized and vibrant. Adding Alkalizer Drops to water helps to raise the body’s pH levels to a more alkaline state.

A mildly acidic condition for a short period of time will not have a big effect on your body. However, most people have extremely poor diets and highly stressful lives, which leads to chronically acidic conditions. This can be devastating to your body and overall well-being.

Alkalizer Drops:

  • Decrease bloating and water retention*
  • Promote healthy skin*
  • Rid the body of harmful toxins*
  • Promote healthy hair and nails*
  • Aid in maintaining healthy weight*
  • Support joints so they are healthy and pain free*
  • Improve mood*
  • Improve digestion*
  • Boost immune function*
  • Energize life*
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