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ActivFulvic 16oz


*32 day supply

ActivFulvic Supplement is a pure, patented, clinically tested, professional form of carbohydrate-derived Fulvic Acid. The ionic liquid form allows for quicker absorption than tablets or capsules, which must first dissolve in the digestive system before being absorbed.

Concentration: 30x Fulvic Acid Concentrate

Mineralife ActivFulvic Supplement
Helps to Support:

Healthy immune function*

An increased uptake and retention of trace elements, vitamins, and nutrients*

Increased energy through improved oxygen transport*
Stimulated brain function and enhanced memory*

Elevated moods*

Supports the bodies natural detoxification of heavy metals and other contaminants in the body *

Fulvic Acid: An Important Addition For Optimal Health

Fulvic acid has recently gained a spotlight for its abilities to aid in the body's absorption and use of minerals, its ability to remove toxins and its ability to act as a powerful antioxidant. Fulvic acid is a supplement that can truly help maintain optimum health! Our ActivFulvic can be used in the following ways:

As a dietary food supplement to support overall health and well-being
As a detoxifier to eliminate waste products and toxins
During times of stress to support your nervous and immune systems
During cold and flu season to support immunity and strengthen resistance

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