Mineral Cell Salts For 'Wellness Management'

Active Elements®

There are two components in mineral (tissue) cell salt therapy:

  • Active Elements® assessment - We determine your individual health deficiencies and needs by completing the web-based survey assessment that offers real-time results and can be completed from the convenience of your home.
  • Active Elements® therapy - 12 minerals (tissue cell salts) are essential to your body's functions. They include calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and silica that work at the cellular level. Active Elements® are homeopathically prepared to help you eliminate toxins, feel more energetic and mentally balanced, following true homeopathic and naturopathic principles. The product contains no sucrose, lactose or glutens.


Common Uses For Mineral Cell Salts 

Calcium - for bone health, prolapse conditions, hard knots, and digestion

Iron - inflammation, iron deficiency, hemochromatosis (iron buildup in the blood, strength for veins, and inflammation of the arteries.

Potassium - for depression, anxiety, nervousness, lung and nerve health, mucus problems, and skin problems

Magnesium - for all types of pain (especially neuralgia), muscle spasms, and heart health

Sodium - for digestive power, body water balance (edema or swelling) dry skin, and high body acidity

Silica - for bones, hair loss, skin and fingernail problems

Cell salts do not react with medications because they are supplying minerals on a cellular level. They are easily given to children and animals.


Experience The Power of Mineral Cell Salts
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