RnA Therapy, Olympic Training & Creating Perfect Cells!

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RnA Therapy, Olympic Training & Creating Perfect Cells!

August 12, 2013 at 3:50 PM

RnA Therapy, Olympic Training & Creating Perfect Cells!

RNA_4.jpgThe journey of achieving optimal levels of health and wellness with RnA products and mineral cell salt therapy is key to perfecting every cell within the physical body!  I know the powerful truth of this statement personally as a result of training arduously in Boulder, Colorado for seven years with the intention of making the Women’s U. S. Olympic Marathon Team.

In 2007, achieving the goal of making the Olympic Marathon Team came to an abrupt halt secondary to neurological symptoms occurring which resulted in a fall on a ten mile run.  Now, the race was on and a new journey began as I took on the path of finding the answers to mastering a physical and mental body to perfection.

Oregon was my first step in my journey towards unfolding the cause behind the symptoms while training for the Olympic Team.  A knowledgeable clerk at a local health store introduced me to mineral cell salt therapy after describing the symptoms I had been experiencing while training and racing.

In 1873, a physician from Germany called Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler was the founder of mineral cell salt therapy after studying the ash content of the human body.  He observed through his research that the body consisted of twelve macro minerals and utilized mineral therapy to treat patients’ mineral imbalances successfully for the duration of his career as a medical doctor. 

I began taking all twelve minerals unique to mineral cell salt with immediate results.  Thus, my stamina and determination of learning all I could about the minerals was set in motion. 

Recovery was rapidly appearing as I continued on mineral cell salt therapy which led me to a further discovery of a phenomenal mineral cell salt therapy product formulated by a naturopathic physician in Australia entitled Active Elements.

In fact, I made the journey to Melbourne, Australia to meet the naturopathic physician in person secondary to his unique formula of the twelve mineral cell salts being lactose free with the physical dose as well as the homeopathic dose in each tablet.  The journey of meeting the naturopathic physician was extremely profound as a result of my physical and mental body experiencing an even greater shift with the Active Elements formulas!

I continued running, researching, presenting and implementing natural and holistic methods as my body was restoring the mineral reservoirs for the next couple of years which led me to further discovery of the importance of magnesium by Dr. Carolyn Dean.  I utilized Dr. Dean’s knowledgeable expertise of magnesium to restore my health with greater balance and flow through the increased use of magnesium.

The RnA product line was the final step in my discovery towards mastering optimal levels of health and wellness which began mid February of this year being 2013.  It was the unlocking mechanism of perfecting every cell in the body for one to lead a life with unlimited potential!

Dr. Carolyn Dean, the founder of the RnA product line, had once again entered into my life towards unfolding the answers towards recovery of all health issues…. Mineral therapy and RnA drops!

I knew immediately the astounding effects RnA drops had on the physical body the moment I ingested the drops back in February of this year.  A sense of great peace, bliss, clarity and brightness of the entire physical environment bestowed upon me. 

My physical and mental body continued to improve with the RnA drops towards power, stamina and strength over what I had experienced while training for the U. S. Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials. Thus, the secret had to be given to others who were seeking my services with natural forms of medicine! 

 I have had the distinct opportunity to help others achieve optimal levels of  health and wellness with great success since being introduced to mineral cell salt therapy and the RnA product line.  In fact, the woman who coached me while training for the Olympic trials became a client of mine with the therapies.  Her story is profound in that she was an Olympian herself achieving an Olympic medal at 37 years of age!  Thus, her reservoirs of minerals had been depleted over the years with many ailments arising from the imbalance.

We have been working together for the past two months with mineral therapy and the RnA product line with great success.  She informed me after the two month period of being on the therapies that her symptoms of arthritis had left her body and all other ailments continue to improve and diminish. 

I invite you to achieve and master the power, stamina and strength towards perfecting your cells with optimal levels of health and wellness by visiting my website entitled, .  A unique Active Element Mineral Cell Salt Therapy questionnaire is available to take for information regarding one or more of the twelve mineral cell salts you may need at present to build the mineral reservoirs within your physical and mental body.

 I look forward to being of service to others who are taking responsibility for living a life with total joy, serenity, peace and bliss as they perfect the cells with mineral therapy and the RnA product line. 

Written by Lynn Foutch as published in Amazing Health, Re-Discovered. September, 2013 






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